Leaders – it’s time to lead…

Here at ActionCOACH West Herts we understand the importance of leadership. Effective leadership, especially in times of crisis is crucial. Whether you’re struggling to go on, or struggling to handle the success, it’s very understandable for people to feel uncertain, fearful, worried. The more people worry the worse they feel and the more they worry! As leaders, it’s our role to break this cycle. But how?

  1. Clarity of purpose and a vision

All teams become listless or even depressed when there’s no vision or confused goals. You don’t have to be the one to have all the ideas, but you do need to be the leader stating them clearly. As a leader you need to provide an inspiring vision and clear.

  1. Demonstrate unshakable confidence

If you’re not inspired and confident, how can you expect any of your team to be? By all means, be human, show some vulnerability, and then get your act together and communicate with absolute confidence.

  1. Communicate positively and frequently

Regular communication to your team is vital. Schedule in a weekly or even daily team meeting. Especially in times of uncertainty and confusion regular communication is crucial. Something as simple as 5 minutes on Zoom could suffice. Just keep checking-in on those whom you are leading.

  1. Set clear goals and ensure everyone has a plan

Your aim is to ensure that every team member knows where the company is headed, they each know their role in getting there, and they feel confident that they can do it.

  1. Structure

When people are feeling unsettled, unsure, worried… give them structure. If a team has been working in an office and is now working from home, this is especially important. Define regular catch-ups, regular communication, and regular, short, 1-to-1 conversations. Every team member is important – make sure they feel that way.

  1. Celebrate every win, no matter how small

Not everyone is comfortable with this. If that’s you, if you say “but they’re just doing the job I pay them for” trust me when I tell you it’s an expensive mistake. Say thank you, say well done, and mean it. Good people have a choice where to work, so look after them.