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“When you kill time, remember that it has no resurrection”- A.W. Tozer

As a business owner your time is incredibly precious. It is important to cultivate a workplace that values time management.

Not only will effective time management improve your own work outputs, but it will also improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your business as a whole. As a business owner and leader you need to set time management as a priority, it will improve your team’s work ethic and your business’ profitability.

So, here are our 3 top tips to managing your time more effectively:

1. Always have a to-do list and PRIORITISE – by effectively tracking and prioritising exactly what it is you have to achieve this will help you to stay on track with your daily goals but also your more long-term goals
2. Always have goals – here at ActionCOACH West Herts we know just important goals are! Setting measurable and attainable goals is crucial for both business owners and employees – by setting goals this means you can utilise your time productively and always know exactly what it is you are working towards
3. Know when to delegate – as a business owner you are often very stretched for time and it can be difficult to decide what to focus on yourself and what to delegate to your team members. But delegation is important, not only does it free up time for you to get out of the day-to-day operations of your business but it also will help motivate your employees as they get increased responsibility

We hope you can make use of the above tips to make your business more effective and profitable by managing your time better!

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