Here you are, running a business that is turning over £xm and making a net profit, not enough to set the world alight, but its ok, you’ve been growing at 1-10% a year for the last 5 years but you’re a little bit frustrated because its not 25%-30% or more a year with enough profit to clear your mortgage, or buy that other property, or get you more time at home with the family, you get the idea!
So, who’s to blame for the lack of performance?
Is it:
1. A disengaged team who queue at your door all day to ask all those daft questions they really know the answer to already, and so eat up all your time?
2. Your plant manager because he’s failed to roll out your carefully crafted growth plan?
3. Your sales team because they consistently fail to hit your targets?
4. Your marketing manager because the level of leads you generate is very low
5. Your workforce who always turn-up to work 10 minutes after they should and leave 5 early, or take 70 minutes for their 1 hour lunch-break?
6. Everybody you’ve hired because they don’t operate as a team and you feel like you are herding cats?
7. Any other excuse you can tell yourself?
The answer of course is YOU, you are to blame. In a world where people don’t do as you ask or require, or don’t behave as you would like, or make mistakes that are frankly obvious and should never happen, or don’t respond to your communication as they should, the answer is always YOU!
If you want to know why it’s YOU drop me a DM on LinkedIn, call me or book a session. I’ll be happy to help your understanding and to help you to fix 1-7 above and grow your business to where you really want it to be as a result.

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