The Art of Delegation – D is for Delegate

Delegating is an essential skill you need to develop in order to ensure the long-term survival of your business beyond the skills of you the Business Owner, or another key employee. It unfortunately runs against the many peoples natural instinct because we all know that we are the best at everything, or simply that its quicker to do it ourselves and of course Entrepreneurs tend to be by nature self-reliant.
A companies ability to grow will always be restricted by the simple ability of its leaders to “delegate and let go.”
If you want to grow your business, and to grow the value of your business you’ve got to learn to delegate.
Often the major barrier to delegation is the belief that it will take longer to teach someone else how to do the job properly, rather than doing it oneself. Take some time to review all the repeated time-consuming tasks, that you have to deal with and decide, which can I delegate.
A simple time saver in the delegation area is to forward emails that are out of your area of expertise and can be dealt better by someone else. You will save time and the team will get better results.
I like to remind my clients that there are 4 D’s in business…
Doing – There’s only you, so you DO everything
Directing – There’s someone else in your business now and you direct them to specific tasks
Delegating – Dont do it, dont direct someone else to do it, give away the responsibility for someone in your team to ‘own’ it and report back to you on progress.
Designing – Forward looking planning, strategy, expansion, global domination, basically designing the future of the business and leading your teams.
Delegation is a huge subject and a challenge for many, remember the 4 x D’s and perhaps it will be easier for you to adopt a strategy that will get you the growth and value you need in your business.
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